Fundraising Tips

The number one reason people donate is because they were asked

Personalize your online fundraising page – Upload a photo, share your story on why you are participating and set your fundraising goal. What motivates you to fundraise will motivate others to donate.

Who to ask – Tell your family, friends, co-workers and anyone you come into contact with about this important fundraising event and ask them to make a donation. Remember, the number one reason people donate is because they were asked.

Make a donation to yourself – Your donors will see how committed you are once they see you too have made a donation. Just think, if you make a $100 donation to yourself, all you need to do is ask 8 other people to donate $25 for you to reach your recommended minimum goal of $500.

Every dollar counts – Give up your latte one morning or bring your lunch to work. Every dollar counts. If everyone who donated to you last year gave you one dollar more, think how fast your fundraising total would increase. Every dollar is important.

Spread the word – Post the link to your personal page on your social media sites and ask your contacts to donate what they can afford. Share your fundraising goal and update everyone on how close you are to achieving it. 

Access our online fundraising tools – We have a number of email templates you can access on your dashboard. Personalize the email, add a link to your personal page and send it off to your contacts. It’s a quick and easy way to get your message out. There are also donation forms, posters and key messages you can access under the participants tab of the KEEP A ROOF website.

Corporate matching – Ask your employer if they have a corporate matching program. Many organizations will match the donations their employees raise. This is an easy way to increase your fundraising total. 

Say thank you - thank everyone who donated and helped you reach your fundraising goal!